“Adrian, you’re a rare breed. You’re one of the few people who get the creative and vision but also understand and utilize the mechanical and data side. There are not many like you out there.”
Jesse DePinto CEO and Founder, Frontdesk

Gifted at seeing what’s hidden and identifying the root of a challenge, then knowing what levers to pull. Leveraging data and the science of marketing to make informed and successful strategies. Passionate about leading and developing teams for their growth and the growth of the company. Fearless and undaunted by extreme asks and thin deadlines. Nothing is too big for me.


20 Under 40 – Catalyst: Inland Northwest Business Magazine
(Population 2.2 million)
Led team at Frontdesk to achieve highest eNPS (employee net promoter score/satisfaction) in the company: 71 vs. 37 average.
Frontdesk digital ROAS increased from 3:1 to 10:1 in under a year.
Ptera subscription customer base increased 400% in less than 5 years.
Created and implemented a “Proven Process” for post-sales on-boarding for Powercode. This reduced implementation time from 3 months to 1 month.
Frontdesk direct booking revenue increased by 73%.
Designed, executed, and managed themed Powercode trade show experiences, including engaging booth presence and gaining 35% lead increase.
Brokered and managed an in-kind sponsorship between Ptera
and Hoopfest* that provided an emergency response/alert network for significant advertising and brand placement.
Led Frontdesk’s successful branding and product launch of a new SaaS Levr.

*largest 3-on 3 basketball tournament in the world

former President of Spokane Young Professionals

“It was an honor and privilege to work closely with Adrian when we both served on the board for Spokane Young Professionals. Adrian always demonstrated the ability to complete tasks promptly and lead colleagues
in projects he had been tasked with. Adrian’s acumen for tried and tested business and marketing principles as well as his commitment to evolving with new research and tactics was invaluable to our growth as an organization in membership and revenue generation. Adrian’s ability to clearly define and achieve both mission and vision will be an asset to any organization.”

direct supervisor and former CGO at Frontdesk

“Adrian is a confident creative who leads his team by example. He takes critique well and adjusts to accomplish goals while using data to make decisions. I enjoyed working with him and know any company he works for will be better off for it!”

former CFO at Ptera

“Adrian is the type of leader you want working on complex and ambiguous projects. His inclusive leadership incorporates the diverse perspectives of his team, while focusing the project on overall organizational goals. Adrian’s creative and open-minded approach to problem-solving makes every team member feel heard and that they have ownership of the project.”

collaborator on Levr branding at Treuden Design

“Adrian is a leader with a clear vision yet remains open to others’ input and any new developments and directions that reveal themselves throughout the process. He is a great, strategic creative partner that knows his audience and understands how to reach them.”

MBA- Master of Business Administration

BS- Computer Science/Business Technology

Director of Marketing

POWERCODE 2017 – 2023*
Vice President of Sales and Maketing

*consulted on new software creation 2021-2022

FRONTDESK 2021 – 2022
Director of Marketing

PTERA 2012 – 2017
Director of Sales and Marketing

For a complete history of successes visit linkedin.com/in/adrianfolsom


CHALLENGE: Raise the quality and quantity of reviews left by guests of Frontdesk, a hospitality company with 600+ apartments listed on Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia.
ISSUE: The expectation from leadership was that my department would focus on advertising plus in-unit materials which were expensive and a logistical nightmare. After research and data deep dives I identified our biggest impact on negative reviews was in the check-in process.
SOLUTION: After some significant lobbying, I convinced leadership to let my team and me build a new check-in process which I branded Scout. Now at check-in, guests are sent a customized link to Scout, a sleek app-like user-friendly web page customized to each guest providing the details and directions. We immediately saw an increase in reviews, but most impressively we saw our overall portfolio rating rise from 4.2 stars to 4.7 stars. Ratings are the single most important factor in bookings on Airbnb.


CHALLENGE: Create a 20-second ad spot to be played on the video board in a raucous Arena Football League game during timeouts.
ISSUE: The sponsorship deal had been procured with our remaining annual marketing budget, so there was no budget left to produce a commercial.
SOLUTION: Get creative and make a video spot so different from the loud flashy ads that people stop and pay attention. Pay attention they did.

I’ve been an ice hockey goalie since I was eight and played competitive-select level traveling the northwest and Canada. This taught me at a young age to handle extreme stress and carry poise under pressure. Often a game or entire season was riding on my shoulders along with the hopes of my team and their parents.
I also held a baseball bat before I could walk, played American Legion, and player-coached a competitive men’s softball team to a state championship. I still play both. Both instilled in me extreme discipline, a competitive drive, and the character to persevere after failure.
Generally speaking, I’m fearless, there’s not much I won’t try. I’m Open Water scuba certified and went on a small cave dive 85 feet deep off of Grand Turks, petted sharks, and came within a few feet of a barracuda. I’ve backpacked through southern Utah, the Rockies, and the Cascades, am an aggressive skier and white-water kayaker.

During my time sitting on the Public Policy Council for Greater Spokane Inc. (Chamber of Commerce) I was asked to be in a commercial.